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[13 Apr 2006|10:01pm]

See, I told you we don't do this for nothing...well, sort of
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[13 Apr 2006|01:13pm]

[ mood | busy ]

"10PM: In a Near-Dark Experience" is complete, and very energetic. Some new bands that I've not used before, as well as some returning favorites, and even more so some unexpected uses. The rest of the work on IV is classified because it's still not finished, heh. From retrospect, the lifetime of a set is about six or seven months. To have four shows how long we've been doing this. I hope we can continue onward with what we do, though we're starving for people interested in being members in some chapters.

So far the main Night Ride Charter looks like thus:

Rules A)Pre-Night Prep
Rules B)Night Prep
Rules C)Night Ride Protocol
Rules D)Exploration Protocol
Rules E)Post Ride Cleanup
Recommended Reading
Recommended Websites
Movie Catalog
"Family Tree"

I don't believe I am missing anything, but chime in if you do see something that's missing. Other than that I believe I'll be starting on the Rules and such sometime during or after I finish the IV collection, and the family tree only needs to be put down on paper (Just who brought in who, I guess). I am still making a call for catalog entries; I'll be doing mine tonight in between getting school work done.

Make some posts people! I want it loud in here :-P


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[08 Apr 2006|05:40pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I know everyone hasn't posted much in a while, even me, so I'ma get the ball rolling again.

In a drastic move I've decided to trash the current playlist plan for the fourth Night Ride soundtracks and start again. This is more because I've recieved a very good salvo of music (I'm also awaiting more) and that the playlist I was weaving wasn't going in the direction that I wanted it to. The fourth soundtrack may include some songs from the first and second (the "Classic" Night Ride OSTs, heh), but that's highly tentative. It's because I'm trying to wrap this one really well that I actually thought of adding maybe 2 or 3 tracks. Quite a few bands that people listened to on those OSTs will be returning; you all will enjoy these twists. Perfection's brother is tediousness, as it's always said.

I've been using my netstumbler (Stumbleupon.com if you use firefox and want one), and I've come over quite a few paranormal communities and sites that yield quite a bit of information, photos, theories, movie lists, and what else that you'd want. I'll add a short list for you to preview: The Shadow Lands, Million Dollar Challenge, Lucid Dreams, Past Life Engine, Skeptic Magazine, and Ghostvillage.com. I, as always, encourage everyone here to do their own research into their favorite aspects of paranormal or horror, and share with other members of the crew.

So far, that's all I can think of, but if I come up with more, I'll be writing it down for you to read.


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[27 Mar 2006|10:15pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Hey all,

Sorry for the gaps in time here. I've been working on the constitutional bits and such, as well as basic draft works for 6/6/06, as well as a 4th night ride soundtrack. Yeah, busy, is it not? But even so, I'm keeping pace with it all and school. I'm working hard.

My objectives for the next week will be working on the NRC movie catalogue. I would like everyone to participate in logging all of their horror movies and nightmare thrillers in everyone's libraries. This data will ensure that duplicates aren't bought, and that fellow NRC members can borrow and/or bring their own tastes in films to each session. Comment your lists or post em in the community, when you get the chance.

Also, I'm making a call for maps for each respective area of nightride travel. It doesn't really matter on the specifics (eg, a map of FL/MI/NC is completely fine), I just want to ensure that there is a map for every group legit. Hopefully, we will be able to obtain maps of increasingly more accuracy over the coming months for trips and such.

I'm also making a call for some new lounge and jazz. Ship it if you got it, as I've always said. This stuff will possibly be incorporated in IV. You shall see. Specifically I'm looking in the vein of Timo Maas, Portishead, Splashdown and other similar sounding groups.

For now, I'm researching all of the creepy games; so far Doom, Clive Barker's Undying, Blake Stone, Resident Evil, Blood, Quake, Fatal Frame, Ju-On, etc. That's what I'm working on in my leisure, how about you?


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at long last [20 Mar 2006|07:48pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

1) Horror to me is not necessarily fear.  Horror is the deeper core of fear. It is that part that sticks with you for hours, days or years after something has scared you.  If fear were a flame, horror is the center of the flame that is simply darkness.  Not to be overly poetic about it, but I feel that horror is a pure entity.  It isn't seeing the blood of something chopped up; it's knowing what that blood means, and what it exemplifies. 

2) The list goes pretty far.  Many more than I feel is necessary to list.  A lot of them have touched on what I consider to be horror, but never quite capture it.  I've been working on my horror movie rep since I was about 13...so needless to say I'm kind of a vet, but I'm branching out into what the non-American countries have to offer. I have to say, they're getting pretty close to getting it right.  They don't care about what sells...they care about what gets into your mind and sinks a permanent talon in. 

3) I have to say America just doesn't cut the mustard in terms of creepy.  Although my house in Colorado had some special moments...namely when a cup just randomly moved across my desk by itself.  That just kinda creeped me out.  The real ones were during outings in England that took me and my friends through the hardcore woods of England.  The creepiest that comes to memory at the moment is the time we were just wandering through Thetford woods at just after sunset (with flashlights of course) and my friend Kim tripped over something and fell.  It felt a bit too tall to be a fallen limb, not to mention it didn't move.  We shine the flashlights on it and it's a grave stone just randomly in the middle of the woods. I can't remember the name on it, but needless to say, the presence of a grave hundreds of years old just sitting in the middle of the woods is unnerving to a couple of kids.

4) In my experience, though I've never been on what is officially called a "night ride", they are something of an experience to test yourself.  In the vein of "do something every day that scares you".  In the case of the night ride, it's a chance to test your limits.  With the protection of friends, there's no better time to do it.  There aren't many bonds stronger than one made in the throes of intense fear.  Not to mention, there's the great conversation and all around comradery....and tacos.  oh yeah. 

5) Perfect night ride....hm.  Finding something new out about someone I know, someone I didn't know that well, and myself.  While at the same time going somewhere I've never imagined I would go. 

6) For me, gothic is a connection to darkness. The darkness that many of us have inside, and the darkness of night.  Goth is the representation and physical manifestation of these two things.  The misconception people have about it, in my opinion, is that it's all about being sad and depressed and dressing in black.  It's about being in touch with, and embracing those things that we fear about ourselves and other people.  The goth look is a bastardization of something real and far deeper than style.  In essence, their intent is in the right place.  To take a step away from everyone else to be an individual. which, unfortunately means being alone a lot of the time.  Guess that's possibly where the sad loner trait came from. Gothic is daring to be different by acknowledging the black gooey parts inside and using them to gain an understanding of and connection to the rest of the world...dark or light.  It's like a stone that you see sitting on the ground.  You fear the squiggly things underneath, so you're hesitant about delving into the darker side.  But, once you have, you can either let the icked out feeling keep you from ever exploring again, or take that step and use it to appreciate the safety of the surface, but also the change that has taken place because of what's beneath. 

7) What an intense question that is.  My music directly affects and is affected by the kind of night it is.  But, generally speaking, I listen to the strains that tap into some sort of deep emotional core.  I make sure that what I'm listening to makes me feel something.  The type of night it is depends on what the emotion of the evening is.  I'm a music geek, so there are specific traits of music that do it for me.  A song that contains a specific chord, for instance, or one that is in a specific key and includes certain melodic progressions. Night time is generally the time I take to disappear and let myself be.  I disappear into my music.  But, to name some....Lamb ("Angelica") will almost always top the list.  After that, it ranges from Classical and Romantic pieces either instrumental or operatic that are in minor keys (always) to metal (Extol, In Flames, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Metallica...and Apocalyptica who do cello arrangements of Metallica songs, Ariadna Project) to movie scores (namely Requiem for a Dream, Gattaca, and Solaris).  20th Century minimalists (Charles Ives, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, John Cage) are also big because of their innovation. The sounds they create are so intensely dissonant that they loop around and become beautiful again. There are others, but they span a lot of genres. Let's just say they all have some special aspect that puts me in a musical trance. 


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[16 Mar 2006|09:16pm]

1)What's your definition of horror?
That is actually a hard thing for me to describe...I'll admit I am scared of a lot of things [though a certain someone is actively trying to change that :) ], but fear is not what I consider horror. Horror is something that has been touched by true evil, an evil that is made of a tainted, corrupt soul. Horror is an act that offends people on the most basic, instinctive human level, something that disgusts the soul and mind so thoroughly that its taint is a lasting mark. Once horror is witnessed, one can never truly be rid of it.

2)What horror movies have you seen?
According to my definition of horror, none because I don't think there has ever actually been a movie that fits my specific definition. But as for the Hollywood definition of a 'horror movie', I am not exactly sure. Not many, mind you, but I am working through them at a slow, kind-of steady pace. I am not a lowly night ride rookie for nothing...

3)Do you have a creepy experience that you'd like to share?
Hmm...I would have to say it'd be when I was much younger and living in Pennslyvania. To this day, I am convinced that there was something, though I don't think it was a someone, that was in and around the house I lived in there. A lot of bad things happened when people associated with that house...the two women who lived in it before us died there, and while I was there, my father and two of my dogs died in a single year. But the experience I remember most was in the late fall, a couple months after my dad had died. I loved exploring the acres and acres of woods around our house, and I never thought anything of it cause I usually had one or more of my dogs with me. But I got caught out late in the woods (the sun sets early in the Fall, remember) when it got dark, but I was already on my way home. I am only about half a mile from my house when I noticed some faint lights a couple hundred feet away from me. I wasn't close to anyone else's house, so I figured it was some people walking in the woods. I ignored them and kept walking, but the closer I got to home, the brighter they got, and the closer they got to me. Aout 5 minutes later I noticed Spike, my dog, was nowhere to be found. He usually ranges out ahead of someone he is walking with, so I didn't notice at first, but he always checks back, and I hadn't seen him in more than a little while. At this point (being only 9 and realizing I am alone in the woods) I take off running for the house, not looking back to check if the lights are still there. I find Spike laying on his stomach at the very edge of our property waiting for me, barking like mad once he sees me. I keep running to the door of the house, which is about 2 acres from the woods at the edge, and only look back once I get there. I can see the lights floating at the very edge of the woods, only about 10 or so feet from the property line, though they are already fading. Needless to say, I never went into those woods at night alone...at least not without someone else (namely my older, and bigger, brother) and a dog on a damn leash.

4)What do you think night ride is?
I can't really give an accurate picture, seeing as I've never acually been on one. I think it really is just a gathering of friends to explore areas that it may not be safe to traverse alone, be those places geographical or philosophical. Something meaningful and peaceful at times, but fun and exciting at other times. Driving where no person has ever been, at least in recent, and enjoying the feeling of being totally away from all the stresses of my life...a feeling of freedom to explore the deepest depths of the intelligent mind, and the darker mysteries of the night.

5)What is/would be a perfect night ride for you?
Just staying out all night with friends, talking about what we think and finding places we know we will never forget.

6)What is "gothic"--not goth--to you? Is it a concept? A stylistic adaption? Both?
I must admit that my art history background, particularly my interest in architecture, takes over on this one. Gothic is to me the embodiment of the Gothic era in European history, which includes the structures. It is a concept that involves placing meaning into everything, from a towering cathedral to a simple stone, from the lowest of the low to the very peak of humanity. It is about creating and appreciating awe-inspiring monuments to draw thoughts away from the mundane view of everyday life to things of a higher nature, though those thoughts may be dark indeed. It is about accepting the darkness that resides in our world, and within ourselves.

7)What is your favorite band to listen to late at night?
...I am a true fan of the Night Ride Soundtracks. I can't really give you a specific band name because I don't often think of music by band name, or even by song name, I think of music in terms of the song itself, little clips that play in my head at random times. But I like to listen to songs that have a peaceful feel, maybe slightly bordering on creepy. Unless it is a special occasion, the night is a time to become at peace, to allow darkness to engulf you, and to do that without getting hurt, a person must be at peace with themself and the world. I enjoy songs with a light touch, ballads mostly, though I am not saying that harder stuff can't be peaceful...
Like I said, its hard to explain.

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An evening in the lab... [16 Mar 2006|08:34pm]

[ mood | cold ]

These are my answers to my questions. I don't think anyone should lj-cut here, unless it's photos or anything huge like that. On top of that, things I put up as admin won't be this long very often XD.

1) My definition of horror is not the amount of blood, but the dynamics of terror/death itself and the route that led up to it. I prefer intellectual and tactical supernatural stories as opposed to thriller supernatural. Maybe it's because I don't like having people-cut-with-chainsaw action thrust down my throat. I prefer something more like "How do I save myself from a 300yr old vampire and his zombie horde long enough to either escape or kill him?".

2) I've seen a whole slew of them from the early 1920s to the current 00s. Each has its own qualities, but for me to list each movie here that I've seen individually would be some kind of textual tragedy. I'm one of the original NRC, if not the sole one who came up with it, heh. Go figure.

3) I have quite a few. Mine are more of the dream-type creepy experiences. A good one would be the one I had a few weeks ago: I was sitting at my computer typing up some kind of report that would expose someone. My door was open, so I could see down the hallway but it was all dark and I couldn't see for a few feet. My power started flickering, I look to the door, and this shadow starts melting into my room. My dream self-didn't know what to do even though I knew what it was, so I pretty much charged it--I have very little fear in me. It tried to rip me apart, but I knocked it clear off it’s ‘footing’ and somewhere in there I figured out that it was afraid of light. So I fought it and managed to get to my bathroom, which had the brightest light in the house. I flick it on as it tries to pull me back through the door an it lets go in fear. I back into the bathroom and turn around and it's this black wraith-like thing with purple electrical eyes. It wouldn't dare take over the room, but it was taking over the hall and I could hear my parents screaming. My dream self got quite angry and started murmuring incantations I don't remember ever learning in a language that I've never learned but somehow knew...and that's where I woke up.

4) Night Ride for me is the uniting of good friends, good food, good spook-ery, and a good time. Celebration of the things we most fear or cannot explain, and an attempt to understand their purpose and how they shape our lives. Also, getting out and away from the city life and under the stars. I love the country-side, and it seems that FL scenery is much more beautiful in the dark. If I were somewhere else I think it wouldn’t be the same, but the unsettled dark jungle has an ensnaring aura to it for me.

5) Right now I'm in the planning of my ever-desired "Black Boot Social". It'd be movies, philosophical debates, scenario troubleshooting (Zombie Invasion, etc.), fashion expression, role-play, music, dancing, cooking and feasting, games, and of course, the core is a night ride. But this time we would have more than a car (maybe a van or even TWO cars) a destination point, and this would not be just from 10-2, but from sundown to sunup. I’m thinking 6/6/06 would be a horrifically awesome time to do it, too. It’d make it very memorable. The one thing must be made clear on this though: this is an all night arrangement, which would mean no sleep until dawn. It’s kind of invitation/inquiry and RSVP right now though, since it’s an idea that will be put through the works this weekend, though I do know of people who would like to see this through. I’ll post later on about this as well in greater detail.

6) Gothic is more of a stylistic concept that spawned what I like to call a genre that has sucked me in since before night-ride: Rue Morgue Style. To me, ‘goth’ has nothing to do with gothic, because most Goths are still kids in their mid-teens who got attracted to the hard rock scene and don’t understand that it’s a lifestyle, not a look. If one were to look gothic, it’s not just about the black and the fishnet. One actually becomes a nocturnal human being, maybe returns to the higher ages of Paganism though this isn’t necessary, shuns conformity in the search for one’s individual understanding of the world for themselves. Gothic for me also has to do with the inherent fear that humans had during the middle ages of things that they could not explain. God, vampires, ghouls, sudden death syndrome, so many things that their primitive science and even their soothsayers and herbalists could not cure. Only after centuries have the learned to understand what they could not…but somewhere in me I say that we are still in a state of fear. Understanding the unknown only demonstrates the greater unknown.

7) My favorite current band is not really a title to be won, since I’m an audiophile and the composer of the night ride soundtracks. However I can say the vibes of Opeth (“Blackwater Park”), Lacrimosa (“Inferno”), and Stone Sour (“Inhale”), Theatre of Tragedy (“A Rose for the Dead”) all have a really strong night vibe to them and give me a yield of what I think an NRC run really is in music very well. The new fourth collection I’m working on will be a reversion back to the first style of NRC soundtracks, and will be much more high-fidelity in terms of creepy than any of the others.

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Opening posts [16 Mar 2006|05:11pm]

We need ideas for such things as horror movies, concepts, paranormal websites and other things. On the side, I need all current active members to help work on the night ride manual/charter. I'd like to get a good bit of it done this weekend. Also, respond to the following questions on this post if you have the time:

What's your definition of horror?
What horror movies have you seen?
Do you have a creepy experience that you'd like to share?
What do you think night ride is?
What is/would be a perfect night ride for you?
What is "gothic"--not goth--to you? Is it a concept? A stylistic adaption? Both?
What is your favorite band to listen to late at night?

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