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Hey all,

Sorry for the gaps in time here. I've been working on the constitutional bits and such, as well as basic draft works for 6/6/06, as well as a 4th night ride soundtrack. Yeah, busy, is it not? But even so, I'm keeping pace with it all and school. I'm working hard.

My objectives for the next week will be working on the NRC movie catalogue. I would like everyone to participate in logging all of their horror movies and nightmare thrillers in everyone's libraries. This data will ensure that duplicates aren't bought, and that fellow NRC members can borrow and/or bring their own tastes in films to each session. Comment your lists or post em in the community, when you get the chance.

Also, I'm making a call for maps for each respective area of nightride travel. It doesn't really matter on the specifics (eg, a map of FL/MI/NC is completely fine), I just want to ensure that there is a map for every group legit. Hopefully, we will be able to obtain maps of increasingly more accuracy over the coming months for trips and such.

I'm also making a call for some new lounge and jazz. Ship it if you got it, as I've always said. This stuff will possibly be incorporated in IV. You shall see. Specifically I'm looking in the vein of Timo Maas, Portishead, Splashdown and other similar sounding groups.

For now, I'm researching all of the creepy games; so far Doom, Clive Barker's Undying, Blake Stone, Resident Evil, Blood, Quake, Fatal Frame, Ju-On, etc. That's what I'm working on in my leisure, how about you?

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