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"10PM: In a Near-Dark Experience" is complete, and very energetic. Some new bands that I've not used before, as well as some returning favorites, and even more so some unexpected uses. The rest of the work on IV is classified because it's still not finished, heh. From retrospect, the lifetime of a set is about six or seven months. To have four shows how long we've been doing this. I hope we can continue onward with what we do, though we're starving for people interested in being members in some chapters.

So far the main Night Ride Charter looks like thus:

Rules A)Pre-Night Prep
Rules B)Night Prep
Rules C)Night Ride Protocol
Rules D)Exploration Protocol
Rules E)Post Ride Cleanup
Recommended Reading
Recommended Websites
Movie Catalog
"Family Tree"

I don't believe I am missing anything, but chime in if you do see something that's missing. Other than that I believe I'll be starting on the Rules and such sometime during or after I finish the IV collection, and the family tree only needs to be put down on paper (Just who brought in who, I guess). I am still making a call for catalog entries; I'll be doing mine tonight in between getting school work done.

Make some posts people! I want it loud in here :-P

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